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LDS Temple Map Poster now Available.

LDS Temple

Salt Lake Temple on Poster

In the Fall of 2011, renowned cartoon artist Jon Hanley was commissioned to create the first worldwide LDS Temple Map, “Temples Dot the Earth.”  The poster was completed in the Spring of 2012. 

The Poster first appeared on TemplePoster.com and also was sold at several LDS Bookstores around the world.  The BYU Bookstore first introduced the poster at the 2012 Women’s conference and later at BYU Education Week.  The LDS Temple Poster sold with great success.

In the Fall of 2012 the artist was commissioned to update the temple poster to include the new LDS Temples that had been announced in 2012 and add new architect renditions of temples that had been announced in previous years.

The 2014 Temple Poster has a few new artistic additions including a large giraffe on the African continent, a kangaroo hopping through Australia and several other fun additions.

The new LDS poster still displays the popular quote from Bruce R. McConkie prophesying that one day “Temples will Dot the Earth.”

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Temples Dot the Earth Poster
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